Thursday, April 30, 2009

Proposal Ideas between Hsu Yin-Ling and MaryKate Maher

Hi Again,
I just re-read your artist statement and realize we each focus on very similar topics in our work. Do you have anything specific right now that has piqued your interest? Lately I seem to be revisiting natural disasters (floods, mudslides...) and their effect on "idyllic planned communities".
Perhaps we can decide on a theme or common thread to produce our first collaboration. If funding permits on both of our ends, maybe we can meet in California or another location half-way between us if necessary.

Hi MaryKate
i like your idea (using picture,sound,video substitute for language) : )
thanks for your information , they let me think about the work in the end of a month,i have a little notion~ but i have to translate it ..maybe nest week .

about me → i like and need so much of vision (though i can't understand anything but i
think i have intuition to read it )
i like this magazine it looks so ...fantastic but real.
your country is so grate : )

theatre─Robert Wilson (about my work , theatr is a important is a incident by rehearsed , any crazy thing will become reality)

Mr.Lonely ,especially this song
Matthew Barney
Emir Kusturia─Arizona Dream
Shunji Iwai (Japan)─Picnic
the male role is my best like actor : )

music...too much

i have facebook

P.S. Can you give me your address? I want to send something to you~ promise safe : )

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Email between MaryKate Maher and Hsu Yin-Ling

Response to initial email:
April 27, 2009
Hi Yinling,
I loved your work at first sight too! I am pleased we will be working together. I am hoping part of the process is the fact that we have language barriers. Perhaps we can speak in pictures or videos or sound. I will send you some more information about me this upcoming week.

April 29, 2009
Hi Ying-Ling,
Do you want/need me to use any translation websites for language? I know a little French if that will help :)
I want to tell you a little more about me. Here are some of my interests that also find their way into my work.
1. Cryptozoology: ;
2. Joseph Beuys
3. Mountain climbing stories from Everest and K2
4. The Saltpetriere and hysteria related events


My work is influenced from my life, travels, mysteries and understanding of my relationship to my environment. I read a lot and watch a lot of movies (especially foreign and documentaries)

Are you on Facebook? I can send you to my page and you can see photographs of me and my travels, etc. Or I can email you images.

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Email between Hsu Yin-Ling and MaryKate Maher

hello nice to meet you~i'm Yinling (The Plan and Process) from Taiwan

my English is not good , but i will try my best ! use any likely lexicon
if very ridiculous you can use any method to jeer at my mistakes. : ) haha

l very like your work . when i saw your work in your website ,
i immediately called my all room-mates over here and said "these so cool" !
i like your color (no matter what sculptuer,drawing,or video...)
the color look graceful~

i wiil graduate ~ so everytime is fully engaged ( is a total nightmare ) (it make me change so ugly...)

so i'm glad to write mail for you (it is my real life~)

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Update May 2 Email between Brad Darcy and Mu-Chi-update

April 26th
Brad sent to Muchi

Muchi, Partner, Buddy,So this is the start of the "Art Sync". Starting hopefully will be the hardest part! I like the idea of this project and hope we can do something together.Nunu has familiarized me with your work, paintings as well as video. I will look more deeply at your work, artist statement and have some questions for you in the next day or two, please do the same.I am open and willing to share artistic as well as personal issues with you so that we can obtain this projects goal.ThanksBrad

Subject: RE: Guideline for artists/藝術家守則Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 15:57:39 +0000

Hi Brad my buddy, partner,
I am really glad to receive your email and sorry about my late reply, hope you don't mind. I admire the connection of painting and image in your work. Wish our cooperation will go well soon.These two days I will think more clearly about how to state the questions which I want to ask and I'll wait here to hear your questions too. I think my English is not good enough but hope it won't affect my communication with you. If you don't understand any part of my saying, please let me know and I will explain more clear.Thank you very much for your patience.Sincerely, Muchi 1. Do you paint very fast or in a certain pace? your coinfident and speed rock me!2. Do you like to listen to music while you're painting? or will you do any other thing at the same time while you're processing your work.3What's the impression of Taiwan to you? or what's your most unforgettable experience?

April 27th

Yeah, i'm glad your English is good, since i cannot speak read or hear Mandarin or Taiwanese language. You seem to have an expressive nature in your work as well as a sense of humor that makes your work attractive and fun.In this Art Sync project i think we should supply each other with some half baked ideas or little projects, sketches, etc that we worked on recently or put on the shelf.I will send you some images , video, or concepts that i would like for you to comment on. I don't expect you to have feedback for everything, but hopefully this will give us a starting point. Please do the same. The images could be random photo's that you took, sketches you made, or ideas that you have been consumed by. I also think it would be interesting to hear some trends or unusual patterns you have noticed/observed concerning the world around you/current events.Let me know what you think. I will send you some stuff tomorrow Tuesday.Answered questions as well as some for you below!

> 1. Do you paint very fast or in a certain pace? your> coinfident and speed rock me!
Thanks, I do like to work fast, although i find it easier and less expensive to start off with small ink on paper sketches that are drawn spontaneously. Somehow i believe if i don't talk too that i will have more to say in my art.

> 2. Do you like to listen to music while you're> painting? or will you do any other thing at the same time> while you're processing your work.
I'm not that strict with listening to music while work, although i am sometimes distracted when i hear words(lyrics) while drawing or sculpting.
> 3What's the impression of Taiwan to you? or what's> your most unforgettable experience?
I am a hippie at heart so i loved Hualien. Memorable experiences include touching a poisonous green snake at Taroko Park, riding a motor baike with my brother on the back as we were cased my wild dogs. I also remember Taroko because i appreciate old things such as trees, and rocks. Taipei because of the food everywhere. I also liked the old one story Japanese houses scattered about the city.
Questions for Muchi:1. What kind of art are you currently working on?2.What makes you happy in your life as well as art?3.What mediums(painting, video etc.) and themes would you like to work with for this collaboration project?4. What hobbies, interests, obsessions do you have?ThanksBrad

Sat, May 2, 2009 at 6:23 AM

Hi Brad, Sorry.......Still have to mention that my reply is slow. I have my sister helped me to translate our emails. Therefore, it takes days to get back from her.

I have some of my videos on youtube. Here is the link, please check it if you have time. I go on youtube to watch videos, most of what I saw are dance performance, music and some art performance. Some of these videos can give me ideas of my works yet some of them just made me laugh then nothing happened.

In the pictures that you sent to me, there is a cat. Is she/ he your cat? Or you like cat too? I have 2 cats in my home. Ha, kind of off topic here. Let’s get back to our discussion.

The work cooperation, I think I can try any kinds of format. We can discuss more on things or mediums that we both interest of. Also an idea popped out in my mind, which is would you willing to sing a part of advertisement lyric and I will record and show it in my personal exhibition on June. The lyric will have both English and Chinese. How do you think?

About the world trends, to be honest, sometimes I didn’t think deeply enough about the trends so far. Taiwan’s news Medias are strange; the news which they reported didn’t give enough information about what happened in this world right now. In the other words, probably lack of a whole perspective toward this world. I hope I can look more into what happening right now or experience different points of view. If you have ideas, I am happy to hear what you think too.

Responding to the first question you answered me, I remembered that I like to sketch naturally and fast to finish my works when I was in college. But under the college training, I have to give up some part of this method. Sometimes deep inside my heart, I still want to enjoy the simple happiness of painting. Yet many factors such as life and work styles made me couldn’t paint as peaceful and patient as I wish. Listen to music while I am working is natural to me too, music style range from heavy beats music and music which make people feel like to dance.

Answers for questions from Brad.1. My recent work project is about to create 90 pieces works and find 90 participants to join my work. So far my work projects are along the theme of painting.
2. To be with friends make me happy most of the time. I can share many things with them both on projects ideas and life.
3. I think that we can do things which we both are interesting in. Ex: create a song or a dance
4. I like music such as techno, house, and Neo Raush’s works. And have party and be the DJ by myself is also an enjoyable thing to me too > muchi

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Email between Eric and Kai-Yuan

Subject: FW:_Hello_ ~_I'm_Taiw an_artist‏
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 01:13:04 +0800

Hi Eric

I am your partner for "Art Sync" Project.My name is Kai-Yuan,Chi but my friends always call me "New-York,Chi" , that is my nickname~So you can call me NY ~Yesterday night I thought of your artworksIt was glamorous The people in picture looks like waiting for somethingThe time is stop , the facial expression is stop ,all things are stop in the lifeI like the magic feel from your artworks Sorry my english is poor.. If you can read chinese words , maybe I can express too perfect for your artworks ~and this is my BLOG -> is full of pictures and chinese words... 呵呵!the pictures in my blog are all about me ~so you can see it and than maybe you can know what i'm aiways doing and know my way of life ~nice to meet you ~ NY

Hello Kai-Yuan Chi, or Hello NY (wink)

Thank you for writing so soon. I've made sure to "white-list" your email address, since your 3 emails were delivered as spam.

Anyway, I've been thinking about your email, and I've found myself returning to parts of it, and thinking to myself, what did Kai-Yuan mean when he wrote that my artworks were "glamorous"?

After giving this some thought, I'd like to pose the following question: In the context of this project, how important is language in being understood? Should we interpret words at "face-value," or look for the more "loaded" meaning behind them. Communicating in English is deceiving, and I'm tempted to explore the conversational dynamic that we introduce by language. Without even trying, we will create the converse of cliché - this is where the really exciting communication begins!

As an exercise, we could strategically use idiomatic expressions in our correspondence (for example: "all in your head," "white-bread," "raw deal"), and then purposely introduce filters such as the Google Translator which will inevitably generate snafu after snafu.
For example, I will use Google Translator for the first sentence of this email :"Thank you for writing so soon. I've made sure to "white-list" your email address, since your 3 emails were delivered as spam."

When I use use Google Translator to make it Chinese, it becomes: "谢谢你写这么快。我已经取得了一定的"白名单"您的电子邮件地址,因为您的3封电子邮件被发送垃圾邮件。 "
Then, when translated back to English, it becomes something else: "Thank you so fast to write. I have made some of the" white list "your e-mail address, because your three spam e-mail was sent."
Now, when I use an idiomatic expression like "raw deal," it translates to Chinese as "原材料处理," and then translates back to English as "Materials handling" which is a complete non-sequitor.
I hope this gets the two of us thinking! I look forward to your next email.
All the best,

date:Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 12:36 PM

Hello Eric ~ 哈哈~ I very like your proposal !!Because my favorite curriculum is Philosophyphilosophy talk about "language" and "feel" so.. when I look your artworks , I can feel it .and I can use my language(Chinese) talk it . but I can't use language (English) talk with you Like you use Google Translator for the sentence , language has diversity of opinions .I think this diversity is very important , it can give rise to more image (想像) and create (創造) for we .So I will write more chinese words for you at nest lettermaybe you can use Google Translator translate it I like this way for our communication , it full of image and fun ~let us try ~ ---another thing----NuNu hopes we can talk more about our life .So now .

I introduce myself by chinese to you ~ 嗨~ 艾瑞克先生(Mr.Eric)我叫 紀紐約(New-York,Chi)我是台灣南部人目前住在台灣中部的 "八卦山"下6月之後將搬去台中20號倉庫駐村我需要不斷的轉換環境 才可以不斷的創作例如我住過的城市有 屏東 高雄 台南 嘉義 彰化 台中我喜歡旅行與閱讀騎機車旅行是一件再浪漫不過的事了
OK That's it ~ PS: two picture are about chinese sentence
thank you :) NY

show details 8:05 AM (7 hours ago) Reply

Ok, this is good!
I only have a few minutes to write, this morning...
About me? I will tell you abut the place I grew up. Northern Connecticut (bordering NY, Massachusetts and Rhode Island) has been a source of inspiration in much of my work. This place is known for its "dry humor," high concentration of insurance companies in the Hartford area, illegal smokehouses (deer, pig, rabbit), road-side farm stands, and a spicy-pepper taste in anything that grows in the soil - this is due perhaps to the "Shade Tobacco" which is grown in the area. In this part of Connecticut, everyone has cars. To use commuter buses you have to drive, or be driven to, the "Park & Ride" - these buses are infrequent and are only available on the weekdays. It is expected that everyone drive. There are many small mountains in this region, one of which is called Avon Mountain where for the last few years there have been cases of "runaway tractor-trailor trucks" which loose braking capabilities and plow into oncoming traffic or buildings.

My parents are still married and live in Northern Connecticut, in a small post-industrial town called Collinsville. This town was known for the Collins Company, which produced axes and machetes until the 1950s. My mother is a art teacher at a high school and my father does P.R. for a bank-services company. My sister works in New York, and is planning to attend law school this fall. I have a union job working for NYC's Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling, where I educate people on recycling and composting (yesterday I worked a training, which educates building managers, superintendants, and residents how to recycle). This job is great because the hours are consistent every day, and I always know I have 3-4 hours every day to work on my art.
Ok that's all for now - I have to go to work!

Sun, May 3, 2009 at 10:44 AM

Hello~ Eric Thanks for your introduction I have more knowledge to you~ and I can image what a interesting life your family were living Now I will use more chinese words to self-introduction 我現在仍然是學生 - 美術系的研究生 每週有兩天的時間 在一間才藝班 教小朋友畫素描 生活算是有點忙碌 除了創作之外 我也花不少時間在看書 我喜歡旅行.閱讀和看電影 但我不打電動... 我的家鄉在高雄 2009年的世界運動會就在高雄舉辦( The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung ) 高雄是一個很棒的城市 有山有海 還有熱情的人們 ! 我熱愛我的故鄉 我思念那裡的空氣 ~ end
--- another thing ---- Maybe we should talk about our work~ Guideline for Artists5. Artist will create one piece of work about their partner. The creation of this art piece is based on how the artist understands his/her partner. so... I give you a chinese sentence , it is about my artworks . and you can interpret the sentence by your way ~ < 我在捕捉創作過程中的身體感 > OK That's it ~ I hope you can give me a sentence too ~ (about your artworks) thank you so much ~

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

About Art-Sync

Art Sync -- The Culmination of two artists version --

Participating Artists:

Brad W. Darcy ( , Mu-Chi
MaryKate Maher (, Ying-Lin
Eric Bessel (, Kai-Yuan
Fanny Allie (, Ho-Ho

Curated by Ti-Jie (NuNu) Hung -
and Hao-Yi Chen

Art Sync is a creative collaboration between artists from two different countries as well as a comprehensive study of the efforts and means used during this unique collaborate process. It is an experience of comparison and compromise between the individual and the collective work ethic. Art Sync was initiated by selecting four artists from both Taiwan and New York. A classic formalism is more strongly presented in the selected Taiwanese artists’ work while the New York artists exude a more expressionistic paradigm. The alternate working methods in addition to the different cultural backgrounds of the artists give this collaborative synchronization a richer and more diverse palette to work from. The selected artists then, over the internet view works by other Art Sync artists from an opposing country. Each countries Art Sync group works with a curator to help make the final decision in the pairing of the artists. As a result the four artists from Taiwan and the four artists from NYC are paired together and begin the process via email.

Art Sync is designed to facilitate an intimate dialogue among artists in order to maximize the understanding of themselves and their role as artists in the world. For example artists are encouraged to exchange and share personal artistic intimacies such as concerns, influences, and observations. In the first phase (Now to May 31st, 09), artists produce an original work or a series of sketches based on the understanding of their partner. After reflecting on each others work, they are subsequently encouraged to continue the communication via computer to develop a main collaborative work with their partnered artist. This phase will be expected to finish in middle of July. (as shown in attachment of ”Guideline for artists”).The artists are then responsible to assign and configure the media and method which suits them best for their collaboration. The exhibition space will house works created under a diversity of circumstances: solo work, collaborative efforts created during the Art Sync process as well as an in-depth chronology of direct communication among all artists involved.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Hoho & Fanny

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Brad & Mu-chi

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Eric & Kai-Yuan

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Hsu Yin-Ling & MaryKate Maher

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