Thursday, May 14, 2009

the first about eric

Here is my idea and you will get more ideas about how I represent through my work. From my statement, you know, I present my ideas through the behavior art. I will develop this work through behavior art too. This piece called “emotion chips”It’s about the emotion connection and breakdown between my partner and myselfMessage is fragile and we both have the same ideas with the writing. In stead of using the writing to express our feeling directly, we use the poem. In this situation, message cannot delivery the idea perfectly. This situation inspired me about “emotion chips” workThere are two partsFirst part, I wrote the text on the chip. The text is about I imagine my self is Eric and meanwhile when I think I were Eric, I found I am actually is writing about myself too. I record my behavior which is I arrange the sharp of “Taiwan” and “Connecticut.”And I destroy it and separate to two bags. The second part is , I am going to design three “emotion chip” boxes with “emotion chips” . First box, I will eat and record. Second box, I will send to Eric and if you don’t mind, you can do the same thing. The last box will for the exhibition.

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