Sunday, May 17, 2009

MAIL_8, between Hoho & Fanny

Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 04:09:02 +0800
Subject: Re: MAIL_8

HiHi Fanny

I am good.
Béziers also a beautiful place. I found some pictures on google.I like there.

I don't have tattoo.
I saw your sister's tattoo because I just can read the word" forgot"(忘).It's cool.
So you became an aunt now.
My last movie is Twilight.
I download a lots of movies.But I don't have time to see them.
You make me want to travel somewhere.
I think I will go somewhere to shoot some in Taiwan.

The music is "Paris Lounge".I just downloads.
Hope you like it .
Pict is a new toy.

2009/5/6, fanny Allié :
Hi Hoho,

How are you ?
Today, I visited my grand parents and we ate a lot...They live in Béziers.
In the morning we had oisters near the sea...
You have plenty of time to visit the world, which country would you start with?
China is intriguing and scary at the same time...(to me, I mean)
How did you do to see my sister's tattoo? It was really tiny on the picture. She did that a long time ago.
Does this character have different meanings?
Do you have tattoos?
She works at a library near Paris, she just had a baby. My other sister is a student in Photography in Paris.
I like beer too, it's my favorite drink.
What was the latest movie you saw?

good night!
ps: pict of a dish that we ate in Béziers

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