Thursday, May 21, 2009

snail mail between Yin-Ling and MaryKate

Hi Yin-Ling,
Your package to me is at the post office, I have to pick it up tomorrow. I have an idea using your face/mask to make a short video performance and/or some photographs. I have spent the last few weeks watching the films that inspire you. My video idea focuses around your cinematographic interests. We will see what transpires. I have sent to you my face/mask in 3 different expressions and sizes. Do what you wish to them, if anything. You can cut them up, reassemble, etc. You can choose not to use them either. They look funny because I cut out only the oval portion of my face. Haha, I'm not that scary looking in real life (perhaps not). I am mailing another package to you with the drawings you requested. I hope they are what you intended. Here are some quick jpeg images if you need to get started sooner.
i get your face~~~~: )
interesting , and i will wear it to do anything~ and then send photo to you~

my face maybe will arrive NY three days later~

and i need some your drawing (simple) ,, ← they are about "the thing of you like"
mail the soft copy (scanning or photo..)

hope it's not troublesome...thank you very much~



2009/5/19 許尹齡

i have mailed photo masks of my face, i mailed two face
one of those is a backup, or you can draw it , maybe beard or mole haha...

and one book is my portfolio , and two card are my solo exhibition's DM
(i just think it is worth to send more haha~ )



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