Sunday, May 17, 2009

MAIL_7, between Hoho & Fanny

Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 14:00:38 +0800

Hallo Fanny
My dad just work(about shipping) in China.
I never been there but I want to go someday.
A lots of country I want to visit. Like NY、Paris、Beijing.

I have not exercise sport for a long time .That's why I am getting fat.

Your sister hsa a tattoos use chinese word 忘.WOW.
I have one brother is a salesman but I real not understand the content about his job.What's your sisters do?

It's more and more fun for these sentences .
pict are our DIY fruit beer.Taste good!


2009/5/3, fanny Allié :

Thank you for the images! They are very beautiful...(my favorites are n°02 n°07 and n°10), i like the blurry part of them...
There is only one thing though...I would like to have pictures with no people on it (except when it's a view of a street).
Would you have another picture of your school and of your friend's place by any chance? if not, nevermind...
Because I'm interested in discovering you through places you know and not through images of people you know.

So... here are the 10 other sentences ready for you, I feel you're going to hate me for giving you so much work...
Plus these sentences are more personal than the last ones...ohoh... not too personal don't worry!!

This morning, I went running in a park near my house, i do that in NY too. Do you only play basket ball and base ball?
So your parents are divorced? Do you have siblings?
Do you go often to China visit him? I'm curious about China, I must say.
Have a good day!

sentences for you:
11. picture of the place where you got very sick.
12. picture of the place where you once cried.
13. picture of the place where you feel guilty about.
14. picture of the place where you met your first girlfriend.
15. picture of the place where you had a fight with someone.
16. picture of the place you will never forget.
17. picture of the place you would prefer to forget.
18. picture of the place where you once got drunk.
19. picture of the place you have a bad memory about.
20. picture of the place where you usually go out(at night).

Attached is a pict of my parents, 2 sisters and me and a picture of my uncle playing music (he has a white cap)

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