Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Noise inside of Kai-Yuan

Hi Eric, here is some note I wrote down from inside my mind. It's more like the sounds came from my heart and brain.

"I have to start to do the art piece" this idea came from inter require and outside demand.However, there are so many noise pop out. Just like KAI-YUAN intent to tell Kai-Yuan something.
Noise A: this work cannot only discuss aesthetic.
Noise B: Kai-Yuan tried to argue this point said "The form will be naturally developed"
Noise A: Behavior art series has been ended and I wish the new work will be more aggressive and radical.
Noise C: This time, there are some principle's in this project. The artwork needs to related to your partner.
Noise B: However, the work of my partner is full with sensibility , emotion and aesthetic. Not radical at all. What should I do?
Noise C: Ok, Let's put "radical" away.
Noise B: How can I deal with the "issue"? My partner's work is surrounding family, happiness and dead.
Noise C: If I need to follow the rule of "Art-Sync" project, Then I only have couple choice.

1, Describing him is sensitive poet

2. Discuss about his work from my intuition

3. do something related to his issue.
Noise A: How can I do? What should I do? You cannot play safe. also cannot do something similar with some one's work.
Noise B: I certainly have my own creating process, which is cut off, cut off and cut off then start to do! Therefore, following my pattern, how I can do this work through this limited rules?
Noise A: Should I change the way which I used to be to create the work?
Noise B: It's not impossible but I still like to cut off , cut off and cut off then start! Recently I took the class focus on meta-analysis, but I really think it like doing rearch not art. Noise A: what is the problem if you keep the way "cut off , cut off and cut off "?
Noise B: The good is if I keep this way, I might create something which can not be catalog, but the bad thing is it might not fit the theme.
Noise C: This is a art piece will show in NY, Kai-Yuan has to take this chance and do best.
Noise A: how about using some strategy, for example, adding some Taiwanese traditional style, it can get attention. But this way is playing safe. And I think the curators and partner will get disappointed.
Noise B: If I really do something with strategy, it will end my creativity.
Noise A: Do you think you can be able to create new methond of creating art?
Noise B : After considering, the conclution is I will stop doing art if I am using the typical stragey.
Noise C: So the conclution is I will use "cut off , cut off and cut off" to create this piece. But it's the chanllege for me. Especially this chanllege will larger than pervious experience. Since this time I am not only facing myself, but also the curators and my partner Eric.


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