Sunday, May 17, 2009

MAIL_11, between Hoho & Fanny

Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 03:06:02 +0800
Subject: Re: MAIL_11

Hello Fanny
too bad u you lost!
hotmail is sucks!
Just one day I go to Chiufen.
The video is for this part to take some for you.
24H look nice!
we can pick someday to do it!



2009/5/16, fanny AlliƩ : Hi Hoho,

I just wrote you a long mail but there was a problem with hotmail and I lost it...
So for the second time:
Chiufen looks nice, how long did you stay for?
Have you started the 1st part of the project? The video you want to make is for this part? What are you going to do?
On my side, i'd like to continue the project where I send you sentences and you send me back pictures according to my sentences..
By the way, I wanted to remind you not to send pictures with people you know in it, I want the pictures to show empty places if possible..except people on the street of course :)
For our common work, we could work on the day and night theme as you suggested, maybe we could do a 24H project: we could take one picture every hour, the same day, what do you think??
I'm going to an art opening now...
Have a good week-end,

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