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May 4th- Brad and Mu-chi

April 26thBrad sent to Muchi

Muchi, Partner, Buddy,So this is the start of the "Art Sync". Starting hopefully will be the hardest part! I like the idea of this project and hope we can do something together.Nunu has familiarized me with your work, paintings as well as video. I will look more deeply at your work, artist statement and have some questions for you in the next day or two, please do the same.I am open and willing to share artistic as well as personal issues with you so that we can obtain this projects goal.ThanksBrad

Subject: RE: Guideline for artists/藝術家守則Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 15:57:39 +0000

Hi Brad my buddy, partner,I am really glad to receive your email and sorry about my late reply, hope you don't mind. I admire the connection of painting and image in your work. Wish our cooperation will go well soon.These two days I will think more clearly about how to state the questions which I want to ask and I'll wait here to hear your questions too. I think my English is not good enough but hope it won't affect my communication with you. If you don't understand any part of my saying, please let me know and I will explain more clear.Thank you very much for your patience.Sincerely, Muchi 1. Do you paint very fast or in a certain pace? your coinfident and speed rock me!2. Do you like to listen to music while you're painting? or will you do any other thing at the same time while you're processing your work.3What's the impression of Taiwan to you? or what's your most unforgettable experience?

April 27th

Mu-Chi,Yeah, i'm glad your English is good, since i cannot speak read or hear Mandarin or Taiwanese language. You seem to have an expressive nature in your work as well as a sense of humor that makes your work attractive and fun.In this Art Sync project i think we should supply each other with some half baked ideas or little projects, sketches, etc that we worked on recently or put on the shelf.I will send you some images , video, or concepts that i would like for you to comment on. I don't expect you to have feedback for everything, but hopefully this will give us a starting point. Please do the same. The images could be random photo's that you took, sketches you made, or ideas that you have been consumed by. I also think it would be interesting to hear some trends or unusual patterns you have noticed/observed concerning the world around you/current events.Let me know what you think. I will send you some stuff tomorrow Tuesday.Answered questions as well as some for you below!

> 1. Do you paint very fast or in a certain pace? your> coinfident and speed rock me!Thanks, I do like to work fast, although i find it easier and less expensive to start off with small ink on paper sketches that are drawn spontaneously. Somehow i believe if i don't talk too that i will have more to say in my art.

> 2. Do you like to listen to music while you're> painting? or will you do any other thing at the same time> while you're processing your work.I'm not that strict with listening to music while work, although i am sometimes distracted when i hear words(lyrics) while drawing or sculpting.

> 3What's the impression of Taiwan to you? or what's> your most unforgettable experience?I am a hippie at heart so i loved Hualien. Memorable experiences include touching a poisonous green snake at Taroko Park, riding a motor baike with my brother on the back as we were cased my wild dogs. I also remember Taroko because i appreciate old things such as trees, and rocks. Taipei because of the food everywhere. I also liked the old one story Japanese houses scattered about the city.

Questions for Muchi:1. What kind of art are you currently working on?2.What makes you happy in your life as well as art?3.What mediums(painting, video etc.) and themes would you like to work with for this collaboration project?4. What hobbies, interests, obsessions do you have?ThanksBrad

Sat, May 2, 2009 at 6:23 AM
Hi Brad, Sorry.......Still have to mention that my reply is slow. I have my sister helped me to translate our emails. Therefore, it takes days to get back from her.

I have some of my videos on youtube. Here is the link, please check it if you have time. I go on youtube to watch videos, most of what I saw are dance performance, music and some art performance. Some of these videos can give me ideas of my works yet some of them just made me laugh then nothing happened.

In the pictures that you sent to me, there is a cat. Is she/ he your cat? Or you like cat too? I have 2 cats in my home. Ha, kind of off topic here. Let’s get back to our discussion.

The work cooperation, I think I can try any kinds of format. We can discuss more on things or mediums that we both interest of. Also an idea popped out in my mind, which is would you willing to sing a part of advertisement lyric and I will record and show it in my personal exhibition on June. The lyric will have both English and Chinese. How do you think?

About the world trends, to be honest, sometimes I didn’t think deeply enough about the trends so far. Taiwan’s news Medias are strange; the news which they reported didn’t give enough information about what happened in this world right now. In the other words, probably lack of a whole perspective toward this world. I hope I can look more into what happening right now or experience different points of view. If you have ideas, I am happy to hear what you think too.

Responding to the first question you answered me, I remembered that I like to sketch naturally and fast to finish my works when I was in college. But under the college training, I have to give up some part of this method. Sometimes deep inside my heart, I still want to enjoy the simple happiness of painting. Yet many factors such as life and work styles made me couldn’t paint as peaceful and patient as I wish. Listen to music while I am working is natural to me too, music style range from heavy beats music and music which make people feel like to dance.

Answers for questions from Brad.
1. My recent work project is about to create 90 pieces works and find 90 participants to join my work. So far my work projects are along the theme of painting.
2. To be with friends make me happy most of the time. I can share many things with them both on projects ideas and life.
3. I think that we can do things which we both are interesting in. Ex: create a song or a dance
4. I like music such as techno, house, and Neo Raush’s works. And have party and be the DJ by myself is also an enjoyable thing to me too > muchi

Tue, May 5, 2009 at 4:33 PM

Mu-Chi,Your video's are a lot of fun. Art sometimes is too serious and needs to have some fun to balance.I agree that we can work with many kinds of mediums. I am not a musician, but i am open to using sound for this project. I cannot sing, but send me the lyric for your personal exhibition anyway, maybe i can figure something out.I have seen your picts and work so i am getting a better idea how we will work together.Speak to you

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