Thursday, May 14, 2009

letter 3 to eric

pic6-Ocean of Kaohsiung

pic7-River of Kaohsiung

pic8-Factory of Kaohsiung

pic9-City of Kaohsiung

pic10-Mountain of Kaohsiung

Hello Eric ~ is me again~ :p Here are another five pictures about my life~ 高雄(Kaohsiung) is my hometown
picture6 : 海的高雄 (ocean)
picture7 : 河的高雄 (river)
picture8 : 工廠的高雄 (factory)
picture9 : 城市的高雄 (city)
picture10 : 山的高雄 (mountain)
I will go back hometown Kaohsiung this weekend~ so I will leave computer and internet four days... Best regards, NY

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