Sunday, May 10, 2009

Video idea from Brad inspired by Mu-Chi's M&P video

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Muchi,Don't know what kind of song you have in mind. I did come up with a similar idea of your muchi painting video, more like a 'part 2'.At this point you might want to do something completely different, but i had an idea that you can think about.The song is called 'Muchi pan', Muchi zoom, Muchi tilt.
It's a prequel to your first video. Starts with you panning(looking, searching, side to side), then zooming (focusing in closer), then tilting(thinking/tilting head).
The video is told through a girls voice, she is worried that you are looking searching for other girls. At the end you are panning and zooming and tilting as you paint, and you are painting a girl.
Kind of sexual, kind of fun and arty like your first..
Let me know what you have in mind since i am not sure this is a direction you want to go.
Talk to you soon

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