Sunday, May 3, 2009

E-mail between Hoho and fanny

Sorry I am late to send it. I was busy working on a exhibition last two days.
So I will send u pics later.
My mom live in Damshui.
5/1 also is a holiday. It's labor day in Taiwan.
I never put my video
Hao ask me to forward this email to him! He will post it on art-sync blog.
I have a plan to shot people who dance in water.
French dessert looks delicious.
What will you do this weekend?Taipei is very hot now.
The pic is the opening of group exhibition.
ps>We play baseball and the ball which made by newpaper.HAHA~
2009/5/1, fanny AlliƩ <>:
Hello Hoho,

So your mom lives where exactly?
I didn't realize the ping pong studio was just a name..ahah! (that's why you didn't play ping pong on the pictures, I guess..!)
You never broke a window glass playing base ball?
Nunu sent me this link:

Do you think we have to write something on this blog? the other teams did it...
What's your plans for the day?
I liked the picture of the horizontal window, is there a way i can see your video?
Today (May 1st) is a holiday in France, stores are usually closed and people don't work.
I'm sending you pict of Montpellier! tramway, christmas tree and a pict of our "veranda" and a French dessert.
Have a nice day,

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