Monday, June 22, 2009

HoHo Lin, Nobody can give you a coffee, Digital photo,2009/荒野傳奇之無人咖啡座, 林厚成 ,2009

荒野傳奇之無人咖啡座, 林厚成 ,2009


HoHo Lin, Nobody can give you a coffee, Digital photo,2009

My partner Fanny Allie is the native French currently living in New York. After discussing with her for the Art Sync project, she asked me to take the photo without the familiar friends, family or any people I know in the each photography. One day, I unconsciously went to the place I have been there before and always want to visit again. Even though this time, due to the foggy and raining day, I felt regard again. In the mountain, I didn’t get the coffee smell what I expected to get. I was imagining if there is the same place in Fanny’s hometown. I was sitting in this nobody sort of coffee shop and keep myself involving in this fantasy. In this moment, there is no East and no West either.

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First work from Fanny

I was asked by Nunu Hung, independent curator, to start a partnership with Hoho Lin an artist from Taiwan.
I wrote about 50 sentences questioning the relationship and feelings between my partner Hoho lin to the places he is familiar with.
Example of sentences: the place that you would prefer to forget/ the place where you met your first girlfriend
For each sentence, I asked Hoho to send me a picture of those places.
For the exhibition, I intend to combine sentences and pictures together.
The size of each piece would be 5x5 inches.
Fanny Allié

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Double- From MaryKate Maher

MaryKate Maher
Statement for “The Double”

Like the Lacanian lesson of the mirror-phase: I constitute myself as Ego only by recognizing myself in the mirror-image-that is, by encountering my virtual double, with whom I then engage in an ambiguous love-hate relationship (loving him because he is like me, hating him for the very same reason, because he threatens to occupy my place). So, in a way there is no ego without its clone double. (Zizek Reader, pg 315)

My project on Yin-Ling is based on the theory of the Doppelganger (面貌極相似的人). From the initial viewing of her work to our topical email conversations (our interests in film, art and culture), I realized we have a similar taste and visual vocabulary. I wanted to address the concept of ‘same’ as twin, or more suitably, as Doppelganger-- a mixture of twin/shadow/counterpart also sometimes portrayed as good vs. evil. I requested a mask of Yin-Lings face, in exchange for a mask of my face. She sent me two. They were paper cutouts and contoured (顯示輪廓的)to my face awkwardly resulting in a strange pseudo twin. I took photographs of myself as ‘Yin-Ling’.

This small video installation is a short looped conversation between ‘two’ people, or rather one entity in two voices. A figure on the screen, we see from the nose up, is engaged in an intimate conversation. Upon further viewing, you realize the face on the screen is wearing a mask and only the eye can be seen through the costumed hole. This project has combined fragments of conversation between Yin-Ling and myself that are factual, mixed with poorly translated information due to our language barriers. I wanted to explore interpretations of ‘secret,’ the vulnerability between two people who presume to understand each other and their exchange of personal information. The viewer becomes privy to this interaction, and becomes an eavesdropper. This piece also relates back to the web-blogging of this project and the sharing of our conversations over the internet, as taglines and phrases are seen out of context.

MaryKate MaherThe Double 2009Vinyl, plaster, t.v., digital video.30” l x 30” w x 36” h.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

< 思緒脆片 > Emotion Chips


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< 思緒脆片 > 文件


關係簡介 :
我們是由台灣策展人 豪毅 和 紐約策展人 NuNu 共同策劃的跨國展覽計畫中
經由配對後 其中的一組搭檔 (共4組)
而經過認識 . 溝通 . 交流後的第1個月後
需做出第一階段創作 - " 關於你的夥伴的作品 "

< 思緒脆片 > 就是我的第一階段創作


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< 思緒脆片 > 包裝盒

 <思緒脆片> 包裝盒實體

 <思緒脆片> 包裝盒


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Monday, June 1, 2009

words for muchi

Hey Muchi,Here are some word combo's, see if you find any you'd like to sketch:

In love with the factory
Numbers i agree with
landing on my head
my fortress
microscopic blunder
hard working fun
sitting in a chair too long
heart is the center
follow my bliss
girl wants to sing more then you
same thing made me laugh again
Reasons to dance
He's all fun
Just gotta be me
The fence is too low
Can't ever get me down
pardon my smile
Everyone is a follower
finding my father
fixing the broken
My last dream
Can't live that way
sad then happy then sad again
every day is just a dream
Trying to understand the face
everything is the same except the color
cant you hear me listening
don't judge the dancer
keep moving
still in my head
i like it fancy
Follow my foot


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