Wednesday, May 6, 2009

updated May 5th , email between Eric and Kai-Yuan


Hello Kai-Yuan,
In an effort to provide you with a more steady information feed, I've modified the format of my email. Let's see if this works...
Thoughts & writings:

1.)When you want someone to become someone else hard enough, it seems as though they've always been that person anyways, and why even think that they could ever have been two different people?
2.)When the moon gets closer and closer to becoming full, I often think it's full and someone else tells me it's not, but it's close and I go on with my evening but I've never seen the "new moon" because in its absence the clouds cover the night sky and I forget that I should have been looking in the first place.
3.)I waited, shoulders hunched, on my freshly snow-covered porch. Trails of strangers walked among whizzing automobile headlights to avoid the icy sidewalks. My toes pinched with cold. The cellphone was cupped in one hand, a half finished cigarette in the other. I took a drag, and held it. My insides toasted like firewood. I wanted to preserve that feeling as long as possible. I held the drag for what seemed like hours. When the smoke finally leaked out my nostrils, my eyes shut, accepting the winter chill. I tapped the filter, and a shower of gray dust danced towards my feet. A girl with a burgundy colored wool jacket crossed the street and smiled. I nodded, and took another drag. My desire to hold the smoke faded, and I exhaled. I blew for a long time; unable to tell what was smoke, and what was frozen air.
I dialed a number from memory, and held the receiver to my ear. Ring... ring... ring. I sighed, and decided not to leave a message. The front door creaked open, and a burst of warm air tapped the backside of my neck. I flicked my remaining cigarette onto the six inch comforter of snow on the lawn. It hissed, and dove to the grassy earth below. Out of habit, my free hand burrowed into an empty jacket pocket. I leaned against the front door, and coughed. Across the street, my neighbor used his sleeve to wipe snow off his truck's windshield. I waited for him to leave, before going inside. The door locked itself behind me.
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Eric Bessel to 紀_紐_約, obeyrabit, me show details 8:05 AM (4 hours ago) Reply

Good morning Kai-Yuan. Later today I will try to attend the press preview for the "Affordable Art Fair" here in New York. I'll let you know if I see anything interesting!
- Eric~

晚安 艾瑞克先生 我這幾天比較忙 週五再來好好回信給你~ 也很期待你能跟我分享參加"Affordable Art Fair"的觀感 在此 我先附上一部我之前的作品 我在音箱裡養蟋蟀 在沒水沒電的環境下展出 祝好
NY晚安 艾瑞克先生

我這幾天比較忙 週五再來好好回信給你~

也很期待你能跟我分享參加"Affordable Art Fair"的觀感

在此 我先附上一部我之前的作品

我在音箱裡養蟋蟀 在沒水沒電的環境下展出



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