Thursday, April 30, 2009

Proposal Ideas between Hsu Yin-Ling and MaryKate Maher

Hi Again,
I just re-read your artist statement and realize we each focus on very similar topics in our work. Do you have anything specific right now that has piqued your interest? Lately I seem to be revisiting natural disasters (floods, mudslides...) and their effect on "idyllic planned communities".
Perhaps we can decide on a theme or common thread to produce our first collaboration. If funding permits on both of our ends, maybe we can meet in California or another location half-way between us if necessary.

Hi MaryKate
i like your idea (using picture,sound,video substitute for language) : )
thanks for your information , they let me think about the work in the end of a month,i have a little notion~ but i have to translate it ..maybe nest week .

about me → i like and need so much of vision (though i can't understand anything but i
think i have intuition to read it )
i like this magazine it looks so ...fantastic but real.
your country is so grate : )

theatre─Robert Wilson (about my work , theatr is a important is a incident by rehearsed , any crazy thing will become reality)

Mr.Lonely ,especially this song
Matthew Barney
Emir Kusturia─Arizona Dream
Shunji Iwai (Japan)─Picnic
the male role is my best like actor : )

music...too much

i have facebook

P.S. Can you give me your address? I want to send something to you~ promise safe : )

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