Tuesday, April 28, 2009

About Art-Sync

Art Sync -- The Culmination of two artists version --

Participating Artists:

Brad W. Darcy (http://www.williamdarcy.com/) , Mu-Chi
MaryKate Maher (http://www.marykatemaher.com/), Ying-Lin
Eric Bessel (http://www.ericbessel.com/), Kai-Yuan
Fanny Allie (http://www.fannyallie.com/), Ho-Ho

Curated by Ti-Jie (NuNu) Hung - www.tjhungartanddesign.org
and Hao-Yi Chen

Art Sync is a creative collaboration between artists from two different countries as well as a comprehensive study of the efforts and means used during this unique collaborate process. It is an experience of comparison and compromise between the individual and the collective work ethic. Art Sync was initiated by selecting four artists from both Taiwan and New York. A classic formalism is more strongly presented in the selected Taiwanese artists’ work while the New York artists exude a more expressionistic paradigm. The alternate working methods in addition to the different cultural backgrounds of the artists give this collaborative synchronization a richer and more diverse palette to work from. The selected artists then, over the internet view works by other Art Sync artists from an opposing country. Each countries Art Sync group works with a curator to help make the final decision in the pairing of the artists. As a result the four artists from Taiwan and the four artists from NYC are paired together and begin the process via email.

Art Sync is designed to facilitate an intimate dialogue among artists in order to maximize the understanding of themselves and their role as artists in the world. For example artists are encouraged to exchange and share personal artistic intimacies such as concerns, influences, and observations. In the first phase (Now to May 31st, 09), artists produce an original work or a series of sketches based on the understanding of their partner. After reflecting on each others work, they are subsequently encouraged to continue the communication via computer to develop a main collaborative work with their partnered artist. This phase will be expected to finish in middle of July. (as shown in attachment of ”Guideline for artists”).The artists are then responsible to assign and configure the media and method which suits them best for their collaboration. The exhibition space will house works created under a diversity of circumstances: solo work, collaborative efforts created during the Art Sync process as well as an in-depth chronology of direct communication among all artists involved.

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