Thursday, April 30, 2009

Email between MaryKate Maher and Hsu Yin-Ling

Response to initial email:
April 27, 2009
Hi Yinling,
I loved your work at first sight too! I am pleased we will be working together. I am hoping part of the process is the fact that we have language barriers. Perhaps we can speak in pictures or videos or sound. I will send you some more information about me this upcoming week.

April 29, 2009
Hi Ying-Ling,
Do you want/need me to use any translation websites for language? I know a little French if that will help :)
I want to tell you a little more about me. Here are some of my interests that also find their way into my work.
1. Cryptozoology: ;
2. Joseph Beuys
3. Mountain climbing stories from Everest and K2
4. The Saltpetriere and hysteria related events


My work is influenced from my life, travels, mysteries and understanding of my relationship to my environment. I read a lot and watch a lot of movies (especially foreign and documentaries)

Are you on Facebook? I can send you to my page and you can see photographs of me and my travels, etc. Or I can email you images.

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