Monday, June 1, 2009

words for muchi

Hey Muchi,Here are some word combo's, see if you find any you'd like to sketch:

In love with the factory
Numbers i agree with
landing on my head
my fortress
microscopic blunder
hard working fun
sitting in a chair too long
heart is the center
follow my bliss
girl wants to sing more then you
same thing made me laugh again
Reasons to dance
He's all fun
Just gotta be me
The fence is too low
Can't ever get me down
pardon my smile
Everyone is a follower
finding my father
fixing the broken
My last dream
Can't live that way
sad then happy then sad again
every day is just a dream
Trying to understand the face
everything is the same except the color
cant you hear me listening
don't judge the dancer
keep moving
still in my head
i like it fancy
Follow my foot


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