Monday, June 22, 2009

HoHo Lin, Nobody can give you a coffee, Digital photo,2009/荒野傳奇之無人咖啡座, 林厚成 ,2009

荒野傳奇之無人咖啡座, 林厚成 ,2009


HoHo Lin, Nobody can give you a coffee, Digital photo,2009

My partner Fanny Allie is the native French currently living in New York. After discussing with her for the Art Sync project, she asked me to take the photo without the familiar friends, family or any people I know in the each photography. One day, I unconsciously went to the place I have been there before and always want to visit again. Even though this time, due to the foggy and raining day, I felt regard again. In the mountain, I didn’t get the coffee smell what I expected to get. I was imagining if there is the same place in Fanny’s hometown. I was sitting in this nobody sort of coffee shop and keep myself involving in this fantasy. In this moment, there is no East and no West either.

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